About Heart's Cry Nepal

Heart's Cry Nepal has been established to support and empower trafficking victims in Nepal. Our aim is to establish safe houses for women and children.

Heart's Cry Nepal is a newly established ministry. We are working closely with several Pastors and churches in Nepal to develop safe houses where trafficked victims can be supported, receive counselling and rehabilitation. We are also associated with a number of ministries and churches in New Zealand.

Since the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Traffickers are taking advantage of homeless and frightened girls.

Come on New Zealand, we can make a difference. It will only take a small amount per year. This will establish a fully equipped safe house where trafficked victims can receive love, restoration and healing. It is our mission to help these girls develop skills so that they can live safe, independent lives.

All it would take is $5,000 per year for one girl's life to be transformed. She is worth it!