Victim 1's Story

Married Indian migrant - Untouchable low caste Arranged by her stepmother at young age.

Her tribe ostracized her. Abused by stepmother and husband.

She ran away. Met a man from her village who knew her story and offered to marry her.

Aunt was recruiter of workers abroad. Approached them with job offer for her.

Taken by aunt to Mombai believing she had been accepted for job in Kuwait.

Trusted her Aunt salary was to be 30,000 NRS per month But 2 months of work there was no salary. When she protested she was told we don't have to pay you we bought you. She refused to work and was sick and receiving no salary so they sent her back to Mombai.

She was kept in solitary confinement and not allowed contact with anyone for 1 1/2 months. While there she was beaten, threatened and tortured.

Her Aunt went to her husband and claimed she had been charged with theft for stealing mobiles etc and made false accusation claiming he would have to pay for the police to release her $60,000 Indian rupee approx $1000 USD.

Her Aunt would have been obligated to repay the traffickers because she refused to work so was trying to reclaim the debt.

Husband went to organization for assistance.

They could not act without proof.

A man from Nepal passed through Mombai on way to Kuwait himself for work and she managed to get him to contact her husband and tell the true story of her sale.

Now the organization could Act.

Police contact the Aunt who admitted what had happened. She agreed to return her within 10 days.

They did not trust her as she was rebellious and refused authority.

The Aunt returned to Mombai with 2 other girls from her village and agreed to pay $400 USD compensation and return the 1st victim.

The victim in the meantime had met 2 Nepali boys who bravely helped her escape and they put her on a train and informed her husband she would be arriving.

She was met at the station in Nepal by her husband and a lady from the organization

He complained to the police but on learning this the Aunt paid the compensation. They did not press charges as she was a relative from their own village.


What Now... If she had not escaped she would have been re sold to an Indian Brothel.

Normally when girls go abroad and send money home they are highly regarded in the village regardless of their original status.

However once they have been abused and tortured and have not sent money home they are persecuted by their own people and

shunned. They are accused of not being good workers and bringing shame upon themselves. You were bad... that's why you didn't earn money.

Although they are set free and have returned home they are not free.

The organization supports 168 girls in Bardyia

They desperately need a safe house in the area for girls who have returned but not accepted by their families and are traumatized and at risk.

Victim is better off than most as her husband loves her and despite village torment he has accepted her back and supports her. She has had 3 more children with her husband but no longer sees the child she had with her 1st husband.


Victim 1's Story