Victim 2's Story

Age 25yrs. Bought up by father and stepmother with 5 sisters and 1 brother

Forced to marry at 14 and had her baby soon after.

She was in a village where lots of manpower agents were recruiting and offering jobs abroad.

She was offered a 2 year contract.

Sent to Kuwait with husband encouraging her to go he went to Delhi to see her off with good wishes.

She experienced much torture from owner of the house . Owner had 12 son's who treated her like an animal. She worked 23 hrs with 1 hour break but sons would come during break and while she was working. When the family went out the gate was padlocked. She had no rights and often no food. She could not leave as she had had her passport and documents removed upon arrival.

She was having problem with internal bleeding. Because of this they sent her back.


When she returned to her village with no $$$$ and poor health her husband rejected her. He had expected her to return with enough for them to buy small land and build house for their future. When she didn't he rejected her and persecuted her.

She was able to contact an organization who began to support her. She is still very traumatized and while the Pastor was with us she was withdrawn and hung her head. She watched carefully when he left but once he was out of sight she visibly relaxed a little and engaged with us. During the interview she had tears running down her face. When I asked her to describe her experience in Kuwait she said.... It was worse than Death. She said she was tortured mentally and physically, sexually abused and forced to do sex different ways, burned with cigarettes and forced to drink alcohol.

It was worse than Death....

All she wants is for her daughter who is now 5 yrs old to receive a proper education and to be able to get a job so she can send her to school. When I talked about a future safe house in the area she whispered..... I would like to go there.

When I asked her what she wants for her future she said .... I have no hope for a future.

The organization are sending her to Kathmandu to receive counselling and training while staying in a safe house there which will allow her child to go to school. She can only stay there for 6 months but her helpers explained she is not emotionally strong enough to cope with life or to stay close to her village as she would not survive the torment.


Victim 2's Story